Annotation Studio is a suite of collaborative web-based annotation tools currently under development at MIT.
  • Read
    Engage and reflect more critically upon texts instead of passively reading them.
  • Annotate
    Bring the millennia old humanistic tradition of annotation into contemporary electronic media in the classroom.
  • Share
    Create discussion groups for your classes and control the size and publicness of those groups.
  • Compose
    Support the entire writing process, from initial reading to brainstorming, writing, and review.


Ethna Lay

“I very much appreciate the clean design of Annotation Studio for my students’ commentary and text-to-text annotations. Students quite quickly enter into conversations about texts – with each other and with the text. I keep imagining other ways that I can use this software in my teaching – for different kinds of close reading, peer review, and collaborations of all sorts. It also promises a view on students’ reading practices.”

– Ethna Lay, Assistant Professor of Writing Studies and Composition, Hofstra University

Jim Paradis

“Annotation Studio restores the ancient and deeply satisfying practice of writing in the margins to the readers of our growing body of digital texts, images, and video.  With this application, we offer to the common reader of the digital era a new opportunity to engage with the growing digital library of our time.”

– Jim Paradis, Robert M. Metcalfe Professor, Comparative Media Studies/Writing, MIT

Theresa Oehmke

“Everything was all in one spot so when I wanted to go back and write my essays based on the annotations I made, I could look off to the side and look through all my annotations…And I could go directly from my annotations that I had made back to the text and quote from there.  And it just made the essay writing that much easier.”

– Theresa Oehmke, Class of 2015, MIT